This golden Porsche is rather interesting

And gold. Very, very gold. 

Ah yes, there ain't nothing as tasteful as a gold, gold car and trust a sheikh from the Middle East to be the man behind the golden genius. You know that oil money bro. It's like Gupta money, but on roids! But, what the hell is it? Well it's the standard 959, which we first fell in love with in Playstation 2's 'Need for Speed - Porsche Challenge', but apparently it's actually a real car too. Jokes. We know it is. We love the Porsche 959 - it's our golden boy!

Born in 1983 as one of those mad-road going road versions of a race car, Porsche had to build the 959 to compete on the track. Yes, it only exists because Porsche wanted to smash their competitors where it mattered. And this thing was blitz bro. 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds in a decade when seat belts were barely optional is blerrie astounding.

But, why all the gold then? And literally all of it. Even the exhaust pipe is sprayed gold! Well, because of the green bro. Yes. This was one of seven special 959s the sheikh in question ordered that year and this one he demanded gold from top to bottom. So go on. Blame it on the green! When there's too much money, ideas come cheap.