This is the ugliest bakkie in the world

It's smart, but jirre, it's as ugly as hell.

When it comes to bakkies and ugly faces we're pretty lenient. Normally we're like who cares brother, it's a bakkie and bakkies are like dogs - we even love the ugly ones! But, this one - this one is some hectic-looking brak and we don't want to pat it. 

It's called the Bollinger B2 and it's all-electric. That means it's pretty clever because it comes with smart ways to get more space from not having an engine like that hole down its middle to help load long things. Like poles. And curtain rails. And other things that are long.

Up front, it's a full on rip-off of the old Land Rover Defender, which you won't really care about when you hear this: It comes with 452kW, which is BMW M4 beating good and sounds rather fun. Then there's that range - 321km - which is utterly pointless for an African bakkie, as is the 70 minute charge time that you will waste to get it back on the road.

Now, we like electric cars and we certainly like electric bakkies - check out the Rivian R1T - so don't think we're hating for the anti-electric sake of hating. Nope. We don't like the Bollinger B2 because, well, it's hideous. And just because you're smart, and just because electric, doesn't mean you're going to get away with that.

No. Not here at GT MAG. That's for sure.