Crikey! The Aussies have a new super car

Well, kind of.

There's something brilliant about the Aussies and we're yet to figure out what that is. By brilliant we mean strange because when it comes to motoring we share much in common with our Aussie brothers. Our tastes are beautifully strange too and we're proud of it! Bakkies, bakkies and more bakkies. That's pretty much it. We have our priorities straight that's for sure. Perfectly strange.

But, then there was this: A super light weight super car that looks rather odd and smells rather brilliant. And where the hell does it come from? Australia! It's called the Bolwell Nagari 500 and it weighs less than a tonne, boasts a V8, some 373kW and a manual 6 speed box. 0-100km/h comes in under 3 seconds! Jip, just our cup of brandy.

But, there's more to this mad looking thing than just the numbers and that horribly mediocre interior. It also comes with "pedigree", apparently, as it was built by the same small team of 5 or 6 guys that built the original back in the 70s. Yes some 50 years ago! Its founder, Campbell Bolwell, we've come to learn, built his first car when he was just 16 and the first Bolwell came after that, sometime between '70 and '74. It means that if the same group of ol geysers are putting this one together, we sure hope they still have their wits about them. Whatever the case it makes for quite a story and quite an interesting and brutal little car. Well played Aussies! Played boiis.