A flying Porsche? You know it son

October 14, 2019



When Porsche decided to build an electric sports car they brought us the Taycan, which, be assured, will be an electric leader for a decade. It's technically brilliant.

Now, the Germans are looking upwards and because they're Porsche you should expect much of the same - skyward-bound brilliance.

Enter Boeing, Porsche's new partner in the flying car game and the partner anyone would want to have if heading into the clouds.

Don't laugh. Flying cars are big business and for the past three years GT MAG has taken flying car news very seriously. So should you.

Since drones have redefined the sky and autonomous driving has made it possible to fly without a pilot, flying cars seem more and more inevitable with several due this coming decade.

With it, Porsche has begun exploring "the premium urban air mobility market and the extension of urban traffic into airspace”. AKA Porsche is heading on upwards son!

About time. A quick Google of flying car + GT MAG will show you why. We love flying cars. Indeed, the future lies very much in the clouds and Porsche don't want to be left behind. 


Expect whatever they come up with to be brilliant. As always.

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