South Africa saves its rarest BMW!

And what a BMW it is.

There ain't no two ways about it - South Africa boasts some extraordinary history with BMW and here's a little taste of it. It's called the 530 MLE and its the rarest BMW in Mzansi and quite possibly the world.

It was built back in the 70s by BMW South Africa when they sought to enter the Modified Production (racing) Series of the era. To officially enter, they had to build 100 road going, race-tuned versions of the MLE in question - what you see here - which, as it so happens, is also the coolest-named BMW of all time - the Motorsport Limited Edition. Yes please! Fast forward to present day Mzansi and all 100 - bar this one - have disapperead. Lost. Gone. Most likely lost to scrapyards, backyards and township spin fests over the decades.

Thank the car gods then that they found this one, this very last one - albeit in terrible shape when they did - and did this to it. Take a look! In all its majesty, it's glorious.

It boasts 149kW with a 0-100km/h time of 9.3 seconds. Slow for 'these days' we know, but who cares? It sounds the part, delivers its power like an M-car and it's a classic South African-born BMW from the 70s bro! Jip. We're in love. It's beautiful. Gorgeous, every little bit of it. Finally, to add to its authenticity, four of its original contributors from back in the 70s worked on restoring this one too, which is a priceless touch. William Mokwape, Walter Mahlangu, Jacob Matabane and Cassie Calaca. Thanks gentlemen! Your legacy is applauded. Oh, and how's this: The 530 MLE won all 15 races it entered and is officially BMW's most successful race car of all time. Jees. How much cooler can you get? Not much, we'd say. Not much at all. 

And it's proudly ours!