Spectacular Alfa Montreal render a thing of wonder

October 17, 2019

It's beautiful, isn't it?  


So beautiful in fact that we're wondering if Alfa Romeo has the balls to contact Luca Serafini and say, "Luks, my boet, let's do it!"

Based on the Montreal of an era gone, this modern rendition, designed by Luca Serafini, deserves to be built.




Within it, of it, in all of its essence is the love that a boy has for his childhood's favourite car: His Dad, after all, had the original Montreal back then and this is his way to stir the loving nostalgia.

In green, it's extraordinary, but we'd take that orange in a heart beat. But, enough words. Now, just stares.

Grazie Luca. Thanks for showing us what Alfa should actually be doing. 







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This is America's coolest-named bakkie

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