Tesla custom set to break Porsche hearts

We all know the sad and brilliant truth when it comes to Tesla: They make cars faster than your cuzzie's GTi without the vrrrpha to wake you up in the morning. Sad we know, but brilliant too, because what it lacks in noise it makes up for in punches to the face. Punches are fun too and if you don't believe us, well, you should. Now, meet Unplugged Performance, the appropriately-named custom house, that does to Tesla what Motorsport does to your dream BMW. Well, not really actually. They just give Teslas better brakes, suspension and fighting bits, but don't add to their power: Yes, ludicrous mode is already enough to break petrol-loving hearts. This tune up specifically will make the Model Y track ready and, according to the its founder, Ben Schaffer, will smash a 911 GT2 in the corners. Exciting we know, and sad... No. Wait. This isn't sad. This is just exciting!