Please do this to your BMW X7

Or let Lumma do it!

Ah, Lumma. Fun times. They've taken the BMW X7 (which might very well be the biggest car ever built) and have done this to it. Pimped it out that is! All so you can sit back, chill and not have to worry about doing it yourself if ever this was a thing you were worried about. 

You know those worries. Those "how to turn your premium mothership into an East Rand stock car" kind of worry. That casual "rich man, poor taste" sort of stress...

Now, if this is you then we want to meet you. We want to meet you and kiss you because you're a king. Anyone who does this to an X7 might very well be the most interesting human in the world or the dumbest. Either way, you're great and we love you. For how's this: 507kW thanks to an uptuned V8 twin turbo sounds more than great! Juslaaikit. Jip, just when we thought it was only about looking like an idiot, now you can drive like one too! Sounds about right though. This a BMW after all so why not go all out. That's what we'd do.