Holy! The Hennessey Resurrection

If this isn't the coolest car name in the world, well, what is?

Here at GT MAG we love fast cars. We love them more than we love our mothers and we can confidently write that because we know our mothers aren't reading this.

But, there's actually one thing that we love even more than we love fast cars and that's fast cars with cool names. And, of the many cool-named fast cars available across Planet Earth, perhaps this is the coolest. And the fastest...

It's called the Hennessey Resurrection and quite frankly it's ridiculous. Ridiculously good. Ridiculously named. And downright ridiculous. The Resurrection! Name a car with a better name right now and we will give you R20.

Based on the Chevvy Camaro ZL1 LE, all 25 to be built will be of his making: John Hennessey himself. They will boast a ludicrous 895kW. Ludicrous! 0-100km/h in 2.3 seconds. Jirre. A quarter mile in the low-nines. Casual. And a tap-out top end of 360km/h? Hectic my boet. Hectic.

Hectic indeed. God bless the Resurrection.