New Aston 4X4 pretty...and essential

Finally, a pretty 4x4 that costs an arm and 8 legs.

We've been quiet for a while at GT MAG while launching our new car show, but how's this to jumpstart our bones - the Aston Martin DBX - a new pretty 4X4 and an essential piece of equipment if Aston is ever going to survive the modern world.

You know how Porsche built the Cayenne to save its own ass? Well, that's exactly what Aston have done because not even their pretty super cars can find have enough rich people to sell to.

Fine by us, because how's this. Turns out that the new DBX is rather pretty, which is refreshing. We only just got out of the bathroom yesterday having spent the better part of the last couple of years vomiting at the sight of the Bentayga. The Cayenne is not much better, nor the Urus, and the Cullinan is still something no rational human being should ever buy. Perhaps the Maserati Levante is the prettiest of the lot to tell you the truth, which is a truth worth telling.

Until now. Until the DBX.

0-100km/h comes in 4.5 seconds, which is rather tasty. Born from a V8 with some 404kW it seems to be just the car for a rich mommy. Be assured, rich mommies will love this because what's not to love? Power and space to the tune of safety is everything the Jones will wish they have when it arrives in Bryanston and it will certainly be enough to keep them ahead of the pack.

It looks good. Not good enough for us to ever buy one ourselves, but hey, we're the daddy in the equation.

Regardless, mommy or daddy, there's only one number in the equation worth caring about. R3-million. And that number is just too damn big. We'd get an Alfa Romeo Stelvio instead!