The new Mini will be small again!

Thank the car gods, thank electricity and thank GT MAG. The Mini of the next decade will be the smaller than the fatty we're living with now and isn't that a great thing? Sure is. A combination of full electric capacity, GT MAG's perpetual moaning and what must surely be some kind of spiritual intervention now means that Mini can get back to doing what it does best: Being small and brilliant. Without a petrol motor there's plenty space for the new little car to do big things. And more: Mini boss Bernd Körber says that these new, tiny electric Minis will also be complimented by the odd sporty rendition, which is great news for JCW lovers. But, not for Africa though. Check this out: Coming Minis will not boast ranges of longer than 150km because of the nature of city-loving urban customers and the developed world's charging capacity.

Basically, they reckon 150km is good enough. Which it isn't.