Drool at this imagined Koenigsegg!

Indeed. Something special... by an intern?

Learn his name and remember it. Esa Mustonen. He’s the 23 year old genius that’s given us - and the bosses over at Koenigsegg - something to really think about. It’s call RAW – an imagined sub-brand of the already ridiculously potent and very real brand, Koenigsegg, and proof that the best in the motoring world is still to come.

Esa, you legend!

The 23-year old Koenigsegg intern proves to us that all you really need to design a sick-looking car is a ruler and not much else. Not much at all...

It was inspired by the concept cars of the 70s, which, as we know, were more outrageous than even disco - all of them afros considered!

It’s a slice of genius by Mustonen and Koenigsegg best do their best to get the man a contract before Lambo swoops on in.