Monster station wagon packs a punch!

A BMW station wagon out of Switzerland? Sounds reasonable. It isn't.

Oh, and how's this - it also comes with a little Swiss flag! Isn’t that nice? Sure is.

And no, you won’t care a thing about it – the BMW that is, not the flag – because well, it’s a station wagon. And who buys a station wagon?

Sure, for any Europeans reading it might sound like common sense, but for the rest of the world, well - it’s a station wagon my bru.

But check this out. It’s built by Dähler of Switzerland, which has two dots on the a, which should send you into a frightening Afrikaans-exam-level of panic – especially when it learn that it comes with 349kW and 4 stainless steel exhaust pipes that are clearly there to bite.


So, don’t be a car racist. Station wagons deserve to be treated equally. And, when they look like this, who's to argue with that?