Meet the Hoonifox! It's not a stripper...

He's baaaaack. With Gymkhana XI!

Yes, the man we love and wish we were. Ken Block is on the block gents and he’s sporting a new sexy machine that sounds like a stripper name. Hoonifox!

Now that there is worth a smile all on its own. But, how’s this to really get the pearly whites out – the man that’s helping him put it together for Gymkhana XI is the same legend that’s designing the new Batmobile. Now, if that’s not credentials, well, what is?

Somewhere beneath all that awesomeness is an old Mustang from the 80s, which, if you look quickly, looks like an East Rand Ford Sierra. Mooi.

Expect anything from an Ecoboost V6 to something electric. But, don’t be fooled. Smoke will rain down with this one, as it does with the rest of them. From the wheels!