4 Crazy-Ass things you must know about the new 4-series

Trust, this is important!

1. Even in an economic meltdown, it will sell like boerie rolls. A lot of boerie rolls.

It's important to realise that no matter what South Africa thinks of those over-sized kidney-grills, the 4-series will sell whether we can afford it or not. Indeed, South Africans love going into debt for pretty BMWs and this will be no different: Expect to see many of these very, very soon no matter the zeroes attached.

2. They forgot about the number plate upfront! Busted....

It's clear that when designing the new 4 -series, the grill took precedent (which we like a lot btw). But, it's clear that some poor sod forgot that it needed a number plate too and then decided to just gooi it on afterwards sommer just because. It looks odd. Truthfully, they had no other choice though. Had they moved the number plate to the side and smartly beneath the vents, the Alfa Romeo Giulia might have come sniggering.

Besides, that would be too off-centre for a German brain!

3. Six cylinders means that it will scream like its 2000

Ah yes. The year 2000. The year Mandoza gave us Nkalakatha and the year we got the screaming E46 - the pinnacle of BMW's straight-six masterpiece. Barring the bulk of the Zuma years (a dark time for all) we're happy that the straight-six eventually returned in a variety of turbo'd guises, and now it is back again in this here 4 series. It's good news for yet another generation of BMW lovers, so enjoy them boys! It won't last forever.

4. Be patient! There's no reason to have anything else but the M4

All that aside, now this: There's no reason to buy a 4-series unless you're going for the top of the top - the M4. It should arrive in 2021, but before it does, consider this: The M440i xDrive will be the top-of-the-top in the meantime, which begs the question: Why not just spend the M440i xDrive cash on a BMW M2? We would. But then again, we're naughty children.