LisaCars boosts GT MAG!

We have a new sponsor gents. And spoiler alert, things are about to blow up!

What's cooler than the most innovative car show on TV and Youtube? Well, that very same show on steroids - boosted by LisaCars of course, the visionary new sponsor behind our charismatic car show:

"Our goal since transitioning from print has been simple," says Kyle Brown, founder of GT MAG, "We want the coolest and biggest car show in Africa and LisaCars will go a long way helping accelerate this vision. They understand our philosophy: That cars are about emotion - the love of the drive and how cars speak to our South African childhoods. Cars unite us as a nation. They exist with us, as a part of our story in Southern Africa."

Sam de Freitas, Managing Director at LisaCars believes that "We should invest in our youth and look to innovative partnerships that can help rebuild industry in the era of Covid-19. Associating with high quality creative content like GT MAG will give LisaCars a unique voice to speak to a broader audience. After all, LisaCars was founded with the realisation that people would love to own their very own car. GT MAG brings life to the freedom a car can give you."

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