Hectic! Chevy now builds for the US army

And yes. It would be great(ish) on safari!

Well, well, well. Just when you thought that Donald Trump was the most despicable human being on Planet Earth, he goes ahead and approves this: The coolest damn safari vehicle you'll see this year and we want it more than Julius wants the land.

It's their new Infantry Squad Vehicle or ISV, based on a Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, which if you dare to remember it, is a bakkie way bigger than yours. Here it is though all gutted out, but with that very recognisable and brilliant face. Dig it!

Elsewhere, it's a 2.8 litre diesel, which probably means that it sounds like plaas-bakkie too, which is rather mooi.

Only problem is this: For the kids out back, what if the giraffe is behind you? Let's just hope then that all the interesting game - rhino included - are on the side they're facing.