Deadly! One-off Aston Martin Victor is murderous

Victor. Sounds like a serial killer.

Victor is now your coolest uncle because he looks like this and probably dates a super model on every continent. Indeed, he flies in a midnight-black G6 and drives this when he lands: The new one-off Aston Martin Victor, which is the closest you'll come to Valhalla today. You're welcome.

It is astonishing, isn't it, commissioned by Aston Martin's Q-division, which as far as divisions go makes the BMW M-division sound a little boring. 623kW - naturally aspirated. Manual nogal! And painted in Pentland green, which apparently is a word. Hectic.

Then, this: It's inspired by the Vantage of the 1970s and 80s, which if you remember (but of course you don't) was a time when cars went really fast without any safety features.

Pity then that it's a one off. Reserved for... well, who knows. Someone who isn't us.

Damn you Uncle Victor.