5 cars you must buy instead of the Golf GTI Clubsport S

For R900K, you can get yourself a the new Golf GTI Clubsport S. For R100K less you can get these better cars instead including a holiday in the Seychelles. You're welcome.

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If you don’t know by now, get ready to fall on your back: Yes, the new Golf GTI Clubsport S will cost you R900 000.

I know. Absolute madness. But, to be fair, if you’re looking to buy the Clubsport S, you probably already know what it costs and you probably can afford it. That's cool and there is no shame in that. It's a great car. But, the facts are the facts are the facts: Despite its hype, which is considerable and deserved because yes it is awesome, the Clubsport S is still a Golf.

A Golf!

A Golf that costs nearly one million rand.

As such, Gusheshe would like you to consider these five alternatives, which in all instances will offer you more car, substantially more motoring presence and more, of what Gusheshe calls, soulful driving. These then are the 5 cars that you should buy instead of the Clubsport S and although not brand new, they’re still outrageously good, will cost you less than the Golf and leave you with a R100 000 holiday to spare... in the Seychelles.

You're welcome.

1. 2014 Range Rover Sport TDV6 for R799 000.

Only 50 000kms on the clock.


Few things say ‘I’m a pimp’ like a Range Rover does. So why not get out your pimp hand? For less than a Golf you can look like Kim Kardashian’s drug dealer and go anywhere in the world without getting stuck. I mean come on, it’s a Range Rover for less than a Golf.

2. 2008 Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG V12 for R799 000.

Only 19000kms on the clock.


You might not be into convertibles and might believe, like Gusheshe, that most cars should own a permanent roof. But hear this: When you’re driving a V12, which has 8 more cylinders than your Golf, you can be forgiven if your hair or lack thereof is messed in the wind. Buried in the roar of twelve cylinders, you won't notice your hair because 0-100 will take quicker than it will in the Golf... by more than a second!

An AMG or a Golf - is it even a question?

3. 1976 Porsche 911 Carrera for 795 000.

300 000kms on the clock.


Of the many 911’s we could have chosen as an alternative - some a lot newer than this - I have settled on this instead. Here’s why: This Porsche will be worth more than a million Rand in five years time and hell, if you’re going to spend R800 000 on a car, why not make it an investment? It’s a classic Porsche and it’s outrageously cool. The series 'Californication' will explain why. Thank me later.

4. 2014 BMW M3 Auto for 749 000.

34 000km on the clock.


If you’re buying a Clubsport S, you’ve probably also fanstasized about a BMW M3 or 4. In fact, you might only be buying the Golf because you think you can’t afford an M3. But you can. And Here it is. With R150K to spare!

5. Aston Martin Vantage V8 for R799 000.

46000kms on the clock.


Yes, for cheaper than a Golf, you could be driving an Aston Martin.

An Aston Martin.

An Aston Martin.

An Aston Martin!

There is no conceivable world where heads will turn more for a Clubsport than they will for a Vantage. In an Aston Martin, you’re always stronger, cooler, more established, more respected and, in the case of cars and money and for the purpose of this very article, always richer - or at least you'll appear so.