Alfa’s GTA M is beautiful madness

And rare too.

Alfa Romeo, that brand you love because Jeremy Clarkson said it’s cool, has unveiled the the Giulia GTA M, which isn’t a game.

It’s this fantastic looking machine that’s a little bit more powerful, a little bit lighter and little bit more insane than anything else that has come before it from the pretty Italians. Indeed, it is the fastest road-legal Alfa ever made, which should make you smile.

The M stands for 'Masekinners' because anything with an M is p*3s fast. Jip, that’s the rule of the world.

Interestingly only 500 of these will be built, but none will come with door handles. Nope, all you'll get is a little red string to pull when you’ve decided that “jrrr, enough is enough and I’m getting out of here.”

Don’t run away though. This is a R3.5m machine, which isn't something you want to leave lying around.