Holy! Ford Bronco special edition built for Pope

And just like that, something evangelical: A Ford Bronco dedicated to the head of the catholic church - Pope Francis. It's inspired by the white Ford Bronco that carried Pope John Paul II in 1979 on his visit to the US and will be auctioned off in his Holy name for the good of the poor. Now, if that's not the latest car news by Ford that really matters, what is?

Hear this: It's called the Ford Bronco Pope Francis Center First Edition and it was partly designed by clergy - “Father Timothy McCabe and the team at the centre were really instrumental in this project, collaborating on theme ideas and colours. The key was finding those special touches that really speak to the heritage of the ’66 Bronco, and then combining them with some of the modern features on a Bronco First Edition.”

Those were the words of Chief Personalisation Designer Steve Gilmore who you now know as having the coolest job title in the world. Bless him.

This Bronco comes with a safe too by the way. You know. For all those Da Vinci secrets.