Hummer's back boet!

And it's electrified. Meet the Hummer EV!

Meanwhile, this thing! A R1.8m machine that we will neither get nor get to see, but still, something to behold. Indeed, Hummer's back baby, but this time they won't punish the Earth with carbon monoxide - no, lithium-ion poisoning is now their cup of tea and isn't it lekker looking?

It sure is.

745kW will get it to 100km/h in some three seconds, which is fuel again for the fight against petrol because this thing looks as heavy as the sun - a remarkable stat.

As remarkable as the holiday you'll get in it. Yes, a 560km range means you'll now make it all the way to the Karoo and never back again.

But, that's not the best part about this new iconic electric bakkie. It boasts something they call crab walk. Yes, all wheels can turn in the same direction, which allows it to shift sideways around obstacles.

Yes baba. Nice!