In love! Retro Bronco masterpiece now on auction

Jenson Button owned this. Yes that's guy you know as the F1 racer who you never really liked because he was British and you were too in love with Schumacher to care. Yip, us too.

Jokes aside though, the man's got some serious taste because this retro Ford Bronco is very fresh. Fresher even perhaps than the new Sasquatch '22 version, which says a lot! (Still a pity that South Africans can't buy that - we spoke to the top dog at Ford recently who said it ain't never gonna happen pal!).

Well, good news then that you can now buy this one if of course you're prepared to spend 90,500 USD, which was more or less the last standing bid when we checked last -

This one boasts a 5l V8, push-button start and fatter than fat 35-inches. Quite perfect for the Camps Bay strip. Perfect indeed!