Lift-off! Another drone-inspired air taxi confirmed

It feels like we've been waiting forever for any one of them to actually take to the skies and start delivering super rich people to work and back, but the eVTOL taxi industry (electric vertical take-off and landing taxi industry) urges a little more patience.

It's not quite ready, but Chinese company AutoFlight based in Augsburg, Germany - headed-up by Former Airbus Manager Mark Henning - confirms that its Prosperity I has more than 10,000 successful take-offs and landings in adverse weather conditions, which means that we are now closer than ever to finally seeing these things in the sky. Cannot wait! Expect it (but probably don't) in 2025!

This one can hold three billionaires and travel for 250km. Perfect for that little getaway from the stresses of your personal football club not quite performing like you thought it would. Aah, the pain.