Review! Sport Badge Actually makes Ford Everest better

Perhaps my friend summed it up best: Getting to the Cederberg is fun in his old Defender, but it takes its (back-breaking) time. In this, three hours is a cruise that feels like one - soft and swift.

Truthfully, it impresses best between 140km/h and 150km/h, which is proof of this: That you’re not investing into a real 4x4 or a sports car, but something far more comfortable than both of those to break the law in. Indeed, it’s something very comfortable doing everything, but bad at being very good at any one thing.

Ah - the soft SUV (even though to be fair this comes with low range and fancy off-roading buttons and may, with tyres, do some impressive things). Still - it feels soft when you’re a Jeep driver in real life because it reeks of the tragedy of consumerism and the nauseating (yet loving) comforts that all modern men yearn for. Much like an electric razor. And shampoo. And bikini-betties on Instagram. Yes, a type of car, which cannot be hated on for this very truth: It is quite nice to be comfortable and the Ford Everest is exactly that.

So what the hell is the point of the Ford Everest Sport then whose very name suggests that it may not be as comfortable as what it’s based on (which we have driven too by the way and is expertly boring. And very good.) Watch the review here.

Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that the Sport derivative offers all of the good stuff that the Everest does, but even more. Not less as you might have thought, but that little gimmick of a Sports badge may just have saved the day!

Indeed, it comes with all of the above, but now also includes appreciative looks from 30-something-middle class men who want practicality and comfort, but still a touch of youthful adventure. Who still want to look a little cool. Not that beardy type of over-landing adventure cool without a shower. No, that sporty adventure type of cool. A Thule roof roof rack and a sand road. A pair of Solomons. Maybe a mountain bike! Nice Ford.

It drives impeccably well; averaged around 10.5l/100km (remarkably light considering its size - it's massive!) and didn’t once - not once not do any of those impressive things. That 2-litre bi-turbo I have loved to hate since its 132kW launch has yet to let me down (despite my moans), but still groans like an engine pushed to its limit. I don't like that. Still, it’s unarguably impressive and feels light-footed. It's quick and that matters. I'm from Joburg after all.

No doubt, it’s a cool car gents and dare I say it, I like it. Which I didn’t once upon a time. But Ford is great at special editions and I will be quite honest with you, this one feels a little special. I would have it over the standard Everest ten times over. Perhaps even eleven!

Hectic hey? Pretty damn hectic.