SSC Tuatara now world's fastest car!


And just like that a week to remember. The SSC Tuatara, a hypercar out of North America, has taken the world record. It is now the fastest car in the world after it hit 508km/h with a pakslaan across Bugatti's face.

Now to get the record, you need to average the fastest going two ways, which means 508 is just the average. On its second run it hit 533km/h, which is sommer Lenasia to Chatsworth in one hour (give-or-take the queues at the toll gates).

Hectic! From a car you can buy. It's ridiculous.

Now it employs a 5.9-litre twin turbo V8 - pushing 1,305kW - but the real magic comes from the design, which it allows it to rip through air like Ace Magashule rips through Free State bank accounts.

Ridiclous indeed - so take a bow SSC and watch this space. Bugatti is coming in hot! So is Hennessey and Koenigsegg so let's see how long this record stands!